Undergraduate Education

Established in 1956 and since then the DEP has provided nuclear education for students at Tsinghua University and is the key center for cultivating high-level and highquality talents in nuclear engineering and technology. As one of the leading national academic departments in nuclear science and technology, our primary objective is to help develop the next generation of scientists and engineers, to have an extensive understanding of both science and engineering, whilst being committed and responsible to country and society as advocated by Professor HE Dongchang, the first department chair. It is emphasized that students not only acquire solid foundations in mathematics and physics, but also gain excellent levels of training in science based engineering skills to enable them to follow a broad range of careers.

At present, there are two undergraduate degree programs: Engineering Physics, and Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology. Students under these two programs are required to have: solid mathematical and physic backgrounds, strong engineering training and a grasp of modern experimental techniques; In addition students should possess a basic knowledge of the humanities and social sciences, economics and management, and be capable of applying knowledge into engineering practice and engaging in research, design, development, production, teaching and management in closely related fields including, for example, safety science and engineering, modern physics, electronic technology, and computer technology.

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