The DEP has three graduate programs, which are Nuclear Science and Technology, Safety Science and Technology, and Physics.

Graduate Programs for International Students 

(M)–Master’s Programs

(EM)- Master’s Programs in English

(D)- Doctoral Programs

Nuclear Science and Technology




Safety Science and Engineering


Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Technology   Engineering



Tsinghua University International Master's Program in Nuclear Engineering and Management(TUNEM)

TUNEM is a 2-year professional degree program, which is tremendously supported by the National Energy Administration of China and the Ministry of Education of China with a full Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS). Meanwhile,the three major nuclear power groups in China, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC), and China General Nuclear Power Corporation(CGN), also provide great support. The program actively pursues for applicants with outstanding academics and global vision in the field of nuclear engineering and management, who are willing to further their studies in China and to make contributions to the cooperation between China and their motherlands after graduation. 

For more details about the application of TUNEM:

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