Graduate Education

Based on national strategic needs, the DEP provides graduate students with a broad education that prepares them for future careers in either industry or academia. Our graduate student programs are aimed at both top-level researchers, with strong creative abilities in the forefront of international academic excellence, and industry leaders with good overall qualities and strong organizational abilities. Doctoral degree students are educated to have competence in conducting original research, while Master Degree students are educated to have self-improvement abilities to conduct scientific research, carry out technology development and application, and develop skills in engineering management.

Our primary objective in education is to let students develop their creative talents to a high level and quality in the Nuclear Science and Technology Major. All graduate students are required, not only to have broad and solid theoretical foundations in Mathematics, Nuclear Science and Technology including knowledge of engineering technology and some other related fields, but also possess a systematic and deep insight into the status of international research at the forefront of these disciplines. They need to have the abilities to undertake scientific research topics independently and carry out scientific research and technological development creatively. Moreover, they must be engaged in research, design, development, production, management and teaching in the field of Nuclear Science and Technology and some other fields closely related to Modern Physics Technology, Electronics and Computer Technology. There are obvious advantages in Particle Physics Theory and Experimentation. This discipline requires graduate students to have solid and broad theoretical foundations in Quantum Field Theory, Particle Physics, Nuclear Physic and Modern Mathematics. The graduate students of this discipline should, independently, be able to carry out creative experiments or theoretical studies at the forefront of research. In the practical studies, graduate students should master the experimental technologies associated with Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics. They should, therefore, be well qualified to follow careers in education, scientific research and development, including management in universities, research institutes, government and other enterprises.

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