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DEP and Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre sign agreement on cooperation

On November 20th 2018, Professor Ian FARNAN, director of the Nuclear Energy Center of Cambridge University, visited DEP (Department of Engineering Physics) at Tsinghua University. Professor Xuewu WANG, director of DEP, Zhe Gao, deputy director of DEP and Kan Wang, director of nuclear power in DEP, are warmly welcomed Professor Farnan and the delegation at the meeting room 219. Subsequently, the two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further strengthen cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.


Professor Xuewu WANG and Professor Ian FARNAN sign the agreement

During the meeting, Professor Wang Xuewu gave a comprehensive introduction of EDP covering the department’s history, subject settings and research orientations, and stressed the rapid development of China's nuclear energy industry and great contributions made by the alumni from EDP. Professor WANG said, "We are delighted to strengthen this collaboration with Cambridge University, and it will create more opportunities for some of the best minds engaged in a joint effort and further promote the academic research”

"Tsinghua is one of the top science and engineering universities in the world, and also an important partner of Cambridge University. I am certain that this collaboration will create further exciting opportunities for us both in the revival of the UK’s nuclear energy industry. " said Professor FARNAN.

After this meeting, Professor WANG and Professor FARNAN signed a MoU. According to the memorandum, Tsinghua and Cambridge Universities will focus on the joint education and research in the field of nuclear energy, specifically involving the staff and student exchanges, the collaborative research, and the exchange of academic, educational, scientific, and scholarly materials. In 2013, Chinese and British governments signed a memorandum on strengthening the civil nuclear energy cooperation in Beijing. In 2014, the two governments issued a joint statement on civil nuclear cooperation in London. Considering a new establishment of the TUS-Nuclear-X Research Centre (hereinafter “TUS”), the purpose of this MoU is formally to record the Parties’ mutual interest in promoting and furthering academic links between the two institutions for a period of two (2) years. 

Latter on this day, Professor FARNAN and his colleagues visited the Laboratory for Advanced Radiation Sources and Application(LARSA) and the Plasma Fusion Laboratory at DEP, and further shared their ideas with the researchers. 

Professor Kan WANG, Professor Zhe GAO, and the representatives of students and teachers from Institute of Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering Management (INESEM) attended the signing ceremony.

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