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Yvonne:A Time to Remember

I remember heading towards the Beijing Capital Airport to board my flight in December, 2019 for the Christmas holidays. Little did I know that, I would not return for the rest of my degree program. Being part of the TUNEM Program in Tsinghua University, the top university in China is a wonderful opportunity that I would not take for granted. It is an honor to be part of the TUNEM  family.

I belong to the 2019 year group. My batch is unique because of the pandemic we all experienced. This changed the conventional way of learning. I personally had to study online all the way from Ghana and wake up at odd times to join classes. Despite this, I was able to enjoy the courses that were taught and understood the basics of nuclear engineering that the program offered. I also experienced the first online internship ever organized for TUNEMers. This experience taught me that we as humans are not limited and that we can achieve anything when we are focused.

During the critical stage of my thesis work, I fell ill, however I still carried out my research work diligently. My supervisors were very supportive and I appreciate them so much.


I am bold to say that the TUNEM program has opened China and it’s rich culture to me. The few months I’ve stayed in China has taught me that, Chinese are hardworking and lovely people. 

Studying in Tsinghua campus is a once in a lifetime experience. I made new friends from different countries. I will never forget the beautiful autumn seasons on campus and the delicious canteen food.  China is the first country that I’ve experienced bicycle traffic. It’s amazing!!


I want to thank my friends and family who stood by me throughout this journey. They’ve been amazing. I want to thank everyone involved in the TUNEM program for giving their time and effort in enriching our knowledge within the nuclear industry and also offering us a wonderful Chinese experience.


Last but not least, I have a message for my classmates: “We have come to the end of our studies and it is time for us to part ways. I must say, you guys are wonderful classmates! I pray we keep this friendship forever and I wish you the very best in the next chapter of our lives.

About Dzovor Yvonne Sefakor 

Dzovor Yvonne Sefakor, a Ghanaian graduate of TUNEM 2019. President Qiu Yong recalled her story during his speech at Commencement Ceremony for Graduates in 2021. She was unable to return to school because of the pandemic. She overcame the eight-hour time difference and continued to take classes online. She had the misfortune to be infected with COVID-19 at a critical stage of her master’s thesis research.

Suffering form constant fever and even losing her sense of taste for a time, she persisted in her academic research and successfully completed her thesis while fighting the disease, and her thesis was awarded as an excellent piece of scholarship.

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