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Faculty Search in nuclear fuel field

Job Description:

Research and teaching in nuclear fuel field:

(1)Theory and experiment research on stable isotope separation method and technology,

(2)Teaching or co-teaching course(s) of nuclear fuel field.


(1)Doctoral degree in nuclear Science and Technology of international and domestic high-ranking universities;

(2)0Postdoctoral research or formal position experience in international and domestic high-ranking universities or academic institutions;

(3)Academic level ranks top among international peers in the similar age group, Or, undertake major key projects as the project/subject leader;

(4) R&D experience of isotope separation.

Required materials: Please send the following materials to email:

(1)At least 3 letters of recommendation.

(2)A PDF application document including Application letter, Personal resume, Research proposal, 3-5 representative work and their brief description

Deadline: by one month after the advisement posted

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