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One Faculty Position Opening Department of Engineering Physics

One new position will be specifically engaged in the experimental research of high energy physics and physics teaching. The opening is for tenure track assistant professor or associate professor.

Job responsibility:

1. Experimental Research of high energy physics, specifically engaged in hadron flavor physics based on LHCb and BESIII experiment or neutrino physics based on Jinping Neutrino Experiment.

2. Teaching of college physics, particle physics, etc.


1. Ph.D. degree in High Energy Physics.

2. Outstanding scientist working in the area of experimental hadron flavor physics on colliders or experimental neutrino physics with experience of five years or more.

3. A certain teaching experience or potential, and qualified for teaching at all stages of the university courses and supervising student’s scientific works.


Priority will be given to the following candidates: those who have postdoctoral research experience or official positions in universities or academic institutions. Applicants with excellent qualifications can be appointed as associate professors.

Required materials:
1. At least 3 letters of recommendation
2. Resumes, brief introduction of scientific works, research plans

Contact info: Mrs. Zhang, email:

Deadline: by one month after the advisement posted 

    • Address : Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University (Liu Qinglou)
    • Zip code:100084
    • Phone:010-62785727
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