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Physical Separation Laboratory

Physical separation laboratory is mainly engaged in isotope separation technology and application, centrifugal machinery and electromechanical control, cryogenic plasma science and technology and other fields.

The separation and application of isotopes is focused on the cultivation and scientific research of nuclear fuel cycle and materials. According to the demand of China's nuclear fuel industry, the theory of centrifugation and laser separation of stable isotopes and their application and uranium isotope separation are mainly studied. Centrifugal machinery and electromechanical control are interdisciplinary subjects such as materials, machinery, electronics, control and sensing technology. They are dedicated to the research and application of gas centrifuges, energy storage flywheels, active magnetic bearings, civil centrifuges and other high-speed rotating machinery.

    • Address : Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University (Liu Qinglou)
    • Zip code:100084
    • Phone:010-62785727
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