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Institute of Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering Management

The Institute of Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering Management (INESEM) was established during the 50th anniversary of DEP in 2006. Specializing in fission energy science and engineering, plasma physics and nuclear fusion, and engineering management. The Institute now has 8 faculty members including 2 full professors and 6 associate professors.

The Reactor Engineering Analysis Laboratory (REAL) was integrated at the 5th anniversary of INESEM in 2011. The E in REAL also refers to Enumeration and Experiment as well significant progress has been made in recent years regarding scientific research, talent cultivation and communications.

The computer coding for Reactor Monte Carlo (RMC) modeling and Reactor Cross Sections Processing (RXSP) have been developed for reactor core analysis. Such coding is attracting more and more world-wide attention concerning both academic and engineering applications significantly enhancing the reputation of the Institute.

Plasma physics and nuclear fusion is another major research area of INESEM, which covers plasma theory, experiment and diagnostics with applications in magnetic confined fusion. Specifically, its research interests are focused on RF-plasma interaction with respect to heating and current drive, micro- instabilities, turbulence transport and coherent structures, and spherical tokamak physics. Sino-United Spherical Tokamak (SUNIST), the only spherical tokamak facility in China, is operated here.

Both REAL and Fusion groups have numerous exchanges and close collaborations both domestically and internationally. They have received funding from the NSFC for general projects, for Distinguished Young Scholars, for A3 (China-Japan-Korea) Foresight Program, ITER domestic program, National Basic Research Program of China(973 Program), Major National S&T Program and so on.

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