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Institute of Safety Science and Technology

The Institute of Safety Science and Technology is a multi-disciplinary institute focusing on leading-edge research into public safety. The key research directions include scientific theory and methodology of disaster prevention, technical solutions of disaster mitigation, emergency management, emergency response platform systems, safety of the mega city, and human protection. The institute also works on the establishment of open platform systems, and theoretical and technological innovative systems for public safety scientific research. It is the home of the China Association of Public Safety and the Asia-Pacific Association of Public Science and Technology.

The institute participates in a number of major research programs, including the national public safety field’s medium and long-term science and technology development strategic planning, Ministry of Science and Technology’s public safety development plan and major research plan on emergency management from the NSFC. The institute is Beijing’s key laboratory for comprehensive emergency sciences, as well as the key laboratory for the State Administration of Work Safety concerning production safety and, for many years, has ran an engineering master’s program for the Emergency Management Office of the State Council and Fire Department of Ministry of Public Security.

The institute has received many honors and awards including First Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, as well as First Prize of the Beijing Teaching Achievement Award. The institute has established collaborative programs with a number of internationally renowned academic institutions, e.g. Tsinghua - UTC Institute for Integrated Building Energy, Safety and Control Systems with the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and Tsinghua-Boeing Joint Research Center with the Boeing Company.

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