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Institute of Medical Physics and Engineering

The medical physics and engineering physics program was initialized in 2003. However, the Institute of Medical Physics and Engineering was established two years later in 2005, focusing on education, research and industrialization of medical imaging, cancer radiotherapy and novel medical technologies.


1.1 Medical Imaging

The Tsinghua University (DEP) – The KP Nuclear Medicine Imaging Joint Research Centre was established in 2010, but since then has been renamed as Tsinghua University(DEP)- Beijiang NOVEL MEDICAL Equipment Ltd, Nuclear Medicine Imaging Joint Research Center. The Centre specializes in research in advanced nuclear medical imaging technologies and development of medical imaging systems and associated instruments. Current projects include development of the pre-clinical small animal PET/SPECT/CT system, the clinical SPECT system, the human PET/CT system, and the radioactive material tracing and positioning system. The research center has attracted domestic and overseas scientists and professional specialists, working on the development of radiation detectors, mechanical & automation systems, nuclear electronics, physics & system design, and advanced medical imaging algorithms and software. It provides great opportunities for further improving the development of nuclear medicine imaging programs as well as student training.


1.2 Cancer Radiotherapy

In collaboration with Tsinghua University Medical School, the medical physics engineering master’s program was started in 2005 and provides exceptional professional training opportunities for domestic medical physicists. This yearly program has been conducted for 11 seasons and in this time, about 230 students have graduated.

Current research projects in this program include the National Key Technology Support Program, both during the Eleventh and Twelfth Five-year Plan Period, aiming at innovative kV/MV one-source dual-energy IGRT medical accelerator development and relevant therapy technologies research.


1.3 Novel Medical Technologies

First magnetic induction therapy system with independent intellectual property rights has been developed, including treatment devices, magnetic induction medium and treatment planning system. The system, as a whole, passed the national device and medium tests at the end of 2009, and was registered in SFDA and entered into clinical trials, the only magnetic induction system to do so in China.

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