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Institute of Modern Physics

Research in the Institute of Modern Physics covers various fields, including experimental particle physics, high energy astrophysics, quantum detection, and theoretical physics.

The group of experimental particle physics is contributing to leading experiments at national and international facilities, including LHCb at CERN, Daya Bay in China, SuperK in Japan, BES at IHEP in Beijing, STAR in USA, and also the proposed ILS and CEPC projects. The high energy astrophysics group is involved in the collaboration of XIPE, a candidate mission selected by ESA in the context of the Cosmic Vision M4 competition, as a co-proposer and a member of the instrument team. The Quantum Cekong Laboratory studies gamma biphotons to provide important methods of measurement and manipulation (which is the meaning of Cekong). The Theory Group mainly covers the following research directions: Higgs Physics’ Symmetry Breaking and the Origin of Mass, Collider Physics, Neutrino Physics, Origins of Dark Matter and Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry, Quantum Gravity, and Cosmology issues including Inflation and Dark Energy. Finally, the lab provides Analyses and Predictions for various important Experimental Tests. Low Temperature Plasma Physics is equipped with many state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments for determination of plasma parameters both in the gas phase and on the surface.


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