ZHAO Ziran

Department of Engineering Physics



Educational Background
● Tsinghua University,  PHD., 1998-2004, Nuclear Science and Technology.

● Tsinghua University,  B.S., 1994-1998,  Engineering Physics.

Work Experience
● 2016.12-   Professor,  Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

● 2004.07- 2016.12   Assistant Professor, Associate Professor,  Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Teaching work
Currently supervise 2 M.S. students (Cheng Wei, Wang Linghui) in radiation imaging research.
Research Field
Radiation imaging technology
Research Situation
● Advanced explosives detection technology,Supported by Nuctech company,  2007.7-2008.12.

● Study of key point of physics and technology in cosmic-ray muon imaging,supported by the National.

● Natural Science Foundation of China, 2011.1-2014.12.

Academic Achievements
● YX Wang, ZR Zhao, ZQ Chen, KJ Kang, B Feng, Terahertz absorbance spectrum fitting method  for quantitative detection of concealed contraband, Journal of Applied Physics, 2007, Vol.102,113108 Yuanyuan Liu, Ziran Zhao, Yuxiang Xing, Zhiqiang Chen, Li Zhang, Zhentian Wang,Picture  comparison binarization method for cosmic ray muon radiography, IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2008(10), pp 1261-1264.

●  Yingxin Wang; Ziran Zhao; Zhiqiang Chen; Yan Zhang; Li Zhang; Kejun Kang, Suppression of spectral  interferences due to water-vapor rotational transitions in terahertz time-domain spectroscopy, Optics Letters,33: 1354-6, 2008.

●  Yingxin Wang; Zhiqiang Chen; Ziran Zhao; Li Zhang; Kejun Kang; Yan Zhang, Restoration of terahertz signals distorted by atmospheric water vapor absorption, Journal of Applied Physics,105:103105,2009.

●  Liu Yuanyuan, Chen Zhiqiang, Zhao Ziran, Zhang Li, Wang Zhentian, Imaging Algorithms for Cosmic Ray Muon Radiography Detection of Nuclear Materials, Tsinghua Science and Technology, 14(3), pp 313-321, 2009.

●  Wang YX, Zhao ZR, Chen ZQ, et al., Diffraction-induced edge contrast enhancement for terahertz imaging, Chinese Optics Letters,Vol 7,N 8,P 690-693, 2009.

Award honors
● 2007 First Class Award of high school Science and Technology Progress

● 2008 Top Technological Inventions, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

● 2009 Gold prize of 11th China invention patents

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