ZHOU Mingsheng

Dr. Zhou Mingsheng, Professor of Department of Engineering Physics, Vice Director of the Institute of technical Physics ,born in June 1968 in Jiangsu Province, China.He was enrolled by Tsinghua University in 1986, and conferred a degree of Bachelor of Engineering in 1991 in Department of Engineering Physics.His research fields were isotope separation and its applications in the state’s key academic discipline “Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Material” and successfully obtained high abundances isotopes of 136Xe、124Xe、192Os、186W、28Si in China.He is also a member of the Council of Isotope Separation Committee of Chinese Nuclear Society.

    • Address : Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University (Liu Qinglou)
    • Zip code:100084
    • Phone:010-62785727
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