TANG Jintian

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Educational Background
● 1993.4~1997.3  Tumor therapy doctoral program at the University of Osaka, Japan, PhD.

● 1979.9~1984.9  Hunan Medical University medical degree in China.

Work Experience
● 2004.12~ now  Professor. Deputy director of Medical Physics and Engineering Research Institute, Tsinghua University.

● 2000.10~2004.11  Director of the Clinical Medical Institute of the Ministry of Sino-Japanese friendship hospital.

● 1998.5~2000.9  Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Ministry of Health, Director of radiation oncology.

● 1997.4~1998.5  Postdoctoral researcher at the Osaka University of tumor therapy.

Research Field
He has been working hard to combine the medical and engineering research. Currently he is studying the "High-temperature treatment technology of tumor by alternating magnetic field "; " Basic research of culture cells mutation by Space condition"; "Phase contrast microscopy CT technology application in medical research" "Chinese traditional medicine to the Gynecologic Oncology and immune mechanism".
Academic Achievements
He has published more than 100 papers and 7 books.
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