ZHANG Xiaozhang

Ph D, professor

Department of Engineering Physics

TEL: 010-62782496

FAX : 010-62782658


Educational Background
●  Feb.1986-Dec.1988: Ph D., Department of Engineering Mechanics, Hohai University, Nanjing, China

●  Sep.1983-Feb.1986: MSc. Eng., Department of Power Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

●  Oct.1978-Jul.1983: BSc. Eng., Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China

Work Experience
●  Jul. 1999 - present Professor: Tsinghua University

●  Jul.2009  Formal Visitor: Institute for Manufacture, Cambridge University, UK

●  Dec.2002-June 2012 Director of Institute of Technical Physics of Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, China

●  Jun.1998 - Oct.1998 Visiting Scholar: Department of Mechanical Engineering of MIT, USA

●  Nov.1994 - Jun.1999 Associate Professor: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

●  Mar. 1993 -Oct. 1994 Associate Professor: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China

●  Aug. 1991 -July 1992 Visiting scholar: Cranfield Institute of Technology, Bedford, UK, supported by the Royal Society of the UK

●  Jan. 89 - July 91 Lecturer: Nanjing Aeronautical Institute, Nanjing, China

Teaching work
●  Courses Taught

 1. Uncertainty Analysis and Measurement Technique; undergraduate, 10~30 student/year

 2. High speed Rotating Machinery and Rotor Dynamics, graduate, 5~10 student/year

 3 .Centrifugal machinery, graduate, 20 student/year

●  Currently supervise

 Two Ph.D. students

Research Field
●   High Speed Rotating Machines (on rotor dynamics and composite strength)

●   Measurement and Instrumentation (on flowrate and vibration)

Research Situation
●  Measurement of dynamical length under machining

●  Flywheel energy storage of 100kW scale

●  High speed rotating machine

Academic Achievements
●  Journal Papers

 1 Yang Guangming, Zhang Xiaozhang: Effect of shaft stiffness on the stability of rotor system, Journal of Tsinghua University, (2008),N2 ( in chinese)

 2 A new insertion electromagnetic flow meter, Measurement Technique (2008), N.2, (in chinese),

 3. Experiment on the relation of oil film pressure and thickness in bearing, Journal of Applied Mechanics, (2008)(in Chinese)

 4. Application of magnetic fluid in passing through critical speed of rotor, Journal of Tsinghua University, (2008), ( in chinese)

 5.Damping properties of the composite cylindrical tubes using the beam and shell theories. ICSV-21, Beijing (2014)

 6.Progressive failure analysis of open-hole composite hoops under radial loading. Composites Part B: Engineering, v97 (2016)

●  Selected Conference Proceedings

 1. Vibration of vertical rotor with impacting under seismic excitation, ICSV-15, Korea, (2008)

 2. Nonlinear vibration of vertical rotor with shaft-bearing friction, ICSV-15, Korea, (2008)

 3. measurement and analysis of vibration and noise signals of rotating machines by non-invasive method, ICSV-17, Egypt (2010)

 4. Dynamic parameters of a vibrating straight tube conveying flow, ICSV-17, Egypt (2010)

●  Books

 Xiao-Zhang Zhang: Theory and Method of Electromagnetic Inductive Flow Meters, Tsinghua University Publisher, 2010

Part-time Academic Job
●  2006-present: Member of Editor Board, Journal ‘ Flow Measurement and Instrumentation’ (the UK)

●  2002-present: Degree Committee Member of Nuclear Science and Technology of Tsinghua University,

●  2007-present: Committee Member of Flow measurement in Chinese Society of Metrology

Award honors
●  1991: The Royal Society Scholarship of the UK

●  1997: Fellowship of China Scholarship Commission

●  2000: Distinguish Young Scholar of Tsinghua University

●  2009: 2nd Grade Award of Science and Technology Progress of China

●  2014: Special Award of Ministry Grade in Science and Technology Progress

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