The key characteristic of undergraduate education of Department of Engineering physics is the close combination of engineering and physics. Student should not only have a solid background of mathematics and physics, but also study many courses on machinery, mechanics, electricity, electronics, and computer technology. Besides, many projects are arranged to train students’ ability of applying physics principles to engineering practice.

There are two undergraduate specialties in this department: engineering physics, and nuclear engineering & nuclear technology, which cultivate talents in the fields of modern physics, electronics, radiation technology, particle physics and nuclear physics, accelerator technology, nuclear engineering, and safety technology. Students need spend much time to study mathematics and physics. The courses on engineering technology includes: the theory of electricity, analog electronics, digital electronics, computer software technology, computer hardware technology, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics…. The main specialized courses are: principle of nuclear engineering, radiation physics and detection, nuclear electronics, principle of accelerator, microwave technology….

Graduates of our department are welcomed by the society, and can find jobs easily. In addition to the traditional nuclear units, they often take positions in such units that are closely connected with modern physics technology, information technology and safety technology.

The disciplines for graduate students in Department of Engineering Physics are shown in the following table.

First-Level disciplineSecond-Level Discipline
Nuclear Science and TechnologyNuclear Technology and Application*
Nuclear Energy Science and   Engineering*
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and   Material*
Radiation Protection and   Environment Protection
Medical Physics and   Engineering
Public Security Science   and Technology
PhysicsParticle Physics and Nuclear Physics*
Theory of Particle Physics
Experiments of Particle   Physics
Measurement Control of Photo   Quantum


Those marked with ‘*’ are the state’s key disciplines.