A delegation of Tsinghua University visited UK to Promote a New International Master Program in Nuclear Engineering and Management

From March 31 to April 5, 2017, a delegation of Tsinghua University visited UK to promote a new international master program in nuclear engineering and management (TUNEM) specifically for overseas students.

Professor Chen Shaomin, deputy chair of educational committee and director of modern physics institute, department of engineering and physics (DEP), Professor Gao Yanfang, director of professional master's program office of the graduate school, and Bian Yu, staff of academic affairs office of DEP, were in the delegation. They first met the Education Section, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in London to get acquainted with the background of local nuclear education. Later, they visited Dalton Nuclear Institute at the University of Manchester, the University of Sheffield, Birmingham Energy Institute at the University of Birmingham, and Imperial College London.

Delegates meet with Mr. Wang Yongli, Minister-Counsellor for Education Section

During the visit to the Education Section, Professor Wang Xuewu, chair of DEP, also attended the meeting after finishing his international academic conference at the University of Oxford. Mr. Wang Yongli, Minister-Counsellor for education, received the delegation. Wang Xuewu introduced the program background and both the educational and scientific achievements at DEP. With the support from China’s Ministry of Education and National Energy Administration and the collaboration with CNNC, CGN and SPIC, Tsinghua University initialed the TUNEM program and 30 international applicants will be admitted in this program in 2017, in accordance with the government's nuclear power going global strategy and in line with the Belt and Road Initiative. The program is available for British students, which includes the China Scholarship Council offering scholarships to UK citizens wishing to study at Tsinghua University.

Wang Yongli stressed that the Education Section attaches great importance to the visiting of TUNEM delegates and makes active efforts in developing potential cooperation between both sides on this program. China and the UK are entering a “golden era of relations”, to seize the opportunities presented and to raise the levels of cooperation in the field of education is important for us. The visiting is to strengthen links with above-mentioned universities and to encourage UK students to spend two study years abroad in China.

Professor Chen took photo with Professor Francis Livens, Dalton Nuclear Institute

Peter Handley, Director of Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Professor Chen took photo with Malcolm Butler, Director of Global Engagement at the University of Sheffield

Professor Chen took photo with Professor Martin Freer, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute

Professor Gao took photo with Mr. Alex Page, Mr. Michael Rushton, Imperial College London