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Faculty Position Opening Fusion Energy and Plasma Physics Group Institute of Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering Management

We mainly educate and conduct researches on magnetic confined fusion experiments and fusion engineering, including the design, running and maintenance of fusion devices, development of high temperature plasma diagnostics, and experimental plasma physics. The open position is tenure track associate professor.


Job responsibility:

1. Running and maintenance of the existed spherical tokamak;

2. Research on innovative fusion concepts;

3. Solenoid-free plasma startup and non-inductive current drive in spherical tokamaks;

4. Experimental research on plasma properties of low aspect ratio torus;

5. Development innovative plasma diagnostics;

6. Teach courses related to fusion engineering and physics.



1. <=40 years old

2. Majored in Nuclear Science and Technology and/or Plasma Physics

3. More than 5 years of experimental experience on fusion plasma (especially spherical torus)

4. Authored multiple publications on academic journals of high influence;

or, authored multiple publications of high citations;

or, received important academic awards in related fields;

or, own multiple patents in related fields;

or, have scientific achievements currently applied in industry.



priority will be given to the following applicants: Candidates of National Talent Support Program or ones holding an official position in the top 20 international universities or top international academic institutions.


Contact info: Prof. Wang, email:


Deadline: March 31, 2019


  • Address : Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University (Liu Qinglou)
  • Zip code:100084
  • Phone:010-62785727
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