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Faculty Position Opening Center for High Energy Physics

We mainly educate and conduct researches on experimental particle physics, including exotic hadron spectroscopy, CP violation measurements and searching for New Physics and other aspects of the field. The open position is a tenure track associate professor.


Job responsibility:

1. The search and study of new type of hadrons, i.e. exotic hadrons, at the LHCb experiment;

2. The search for New Physics beyond the Standard Model with precision measurements of CP violation and rare decays in heavy-flavour hadrons;

3. The R&D of an electromagnetic calorimeter for the LHCb Upgrade II;

4. The teaching of courses related to particle physics and high energy physics experiment.



1. No more than 40 years old;

2. Majored in Particle Physics;

3. Overseas Ph.D. and postdoctoral research experiences (if holding a domestic doctoral degree, overseas postdoctoral research experience of five years or more are required);

4. Research experience of five years or more in collider physics and heavy-falvour physics;

5. Ten or more publications on academic journals of high influence in the past five years as the first author, or contact author, or a significant contributor. The overall SCI citations of these publications should be no less than 100.



Priority will be given to the following candidates: those who have been selected for national talent support programs or who holds an official position in top 20 international universities or top international academic institutions.


Contact info: Mrs. Zhang, email:


Deadline: February 25, 2019


  • Address : Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University (Liu Qinglou)
  • Zip code:100084
  • Phone:010-62785727
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